• Heritage Woven bedpread is made in the USA by Main Heritage Weavers by former employees of  Bates Fabrics.  During the 19th century, bedspreads like these were a work of love. . . padded and stitched by hand.  A century later Bates Fabrics found a way to reproduce this "puffed pattern" bedspread true to its heritage in authenticity and loomed to last.  Maine Heritage Weavers continues the Heritage tradition one bedspread at a time.  Heritage is available in a king bedspread(120"x120"), a queen bedspread(102"x116"), a full bedspread(96"x110"), and a twin bedspread(80"x110").  View the second picture to see a color chart of available bedspreads. 100% preshrunk cotton. Machine wash and dry. Made in USA.