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As guests to weddings or bridal showers, we shop for what the couple may need or want for their new home together. Sure, you can go to box retailers and buy them something from their wedding registry, but what’s the fun in that? There is no element of surprise, nor is the gift unique.  The bride and groom may not necessarily think of oversized quilts, but you can. They make great gifts for the new couple. Even if they’re registered for bedding and a comforter, an oversized quilt or two will be appreciated.

There are many reasons why oversized quilts are a good idea.  For one, it’s a compromise for the couple who gets hot and cold easily. For half that gets hot, quilted bedspreads are thin, so it’s not nearly as hot as a comforter. But it’s also warm enough for the other half. Quilted bedspreads are also very transportable and easy to fold. They’re great for taking on road trips or even for picnics.

There are so many oversized king quilts to choose from.  Our advice is to look for the couples’ colors on their registry, then browse our quilts. If they registered for sheets, you can find oversized king quilts that will complement them right here within a matter of minutes.  You can take it a step further and get matching pillow cases and bathroom accessories.

Quilts are classics. Everyone should at least have one—or two or three. They are warm and inviting and functional.  It’s one of those things that you may not always think about purchasing for yourself, but appreciate it when others get one for you.

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